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Here is a list of the paintings shown here in order. Most of them are on birchwood panel. These panels are 3/4 inch thick, and have been sealed with primer on all sides and back, and the front was sealed with gesso. Great care was taken to establish an archival surface. The paintings are then varnished when dry.

Why do I paint on birchwood?

 Although I do sometimes paint on linen, I love the feel of the wood. It was alive at one point and to me I can feel that as an artist. I believe that the wood somehow captures some of the spirit and life of the subject, as crazy as that may sound, lol.

1.  "Dos Vaqueros" 30 x 30 oil on 3/4 inch sealed birchwood panel . This painting is of two Hispanic riders who were cast members in the famous romantic and haunting play Ramona, in San Jacinto, Ca.

2. "Hook, Line and Sinker" 24 x 18 oil on birchwood panel. This young lady, Sterling, is completely hooked on horses now, and the look of determination and pure grit is already stet in her face and posture. There is no cutting loose from this. I know.

3. "The Dress"  24 x 18 oil on birchwood panel. A lovely Mexican woman in a traditional Chiapaneco dress

4.  "High Caliber" 24 x 18 oil on birchwood panel. Steve Silcotch playing the part of Curly in the Ramona Pageant

5.  "Back Country Commute" 18 x 24  oil on board. Mike Lewis and his pack mules heading off to a         work party in the San Jacinto Mountains.

6.  "The Stockman"  oil on birchwood panel  portrait of Thomas Firth playing a stockman in the Ramona pageant

7.  "The Scout"  oil on birchwood  Michael Thomas playing the part of a scout in an independent film

8.  "The Boys of Ramona" 32 x 24 oil on birchwood. This group of riders rode in the Ramona Pageant, a mixture of good and bad guys, all talented in their own right.

9.  "Looking For The Enemy" 36 x 24 oil on birchwood panel.  Marvin Farmer, a Native American Blackfoot, is dancing in his regalia

10.  "Morning Has Spoken"  16 x 12 oil on birchwood panel. This is a view I saw on the way to work in Big Bear at Onyx Summit.What a wonderful work commute

11.  "Conspiracy Theory" 18 x 19 oil on birchwood. A Mustang gelding and a Quarter Horse mare taking a moment to confer. They may be trading secrets on how to dispose of their riders

12. "Dark Horse Society"  36  x 24 oil on birchwood. Three dark Mustangs hanging out with eachother in magnificent color.

13.  "Carson James Rhodenizer, Buckaroo" Carson walking with his buckskin horse.

14. "Ghosts of the Nomads"  24 x 14 oil on birchwood  a group of Mustangs running across the plains. Dedicated to all those that have been slaughtered for the mere crime of existence

15.  "Moment of Splendor" 18 x 24 oil on birchwood panel This is a gorgeous palomino stallion ("Slider") working in a bozalito and spade bit.

16.  "Moment Of Reflection"  28 x 24 oil on board. Dave Capron and Babe in the sunlight by a creek-bed. SOLD

17.  "Cowgirl Style" 18 x 12  oil on birchwood. Young woman working the calf in style and grace

18. "Feeling The Draft"  25 x 20  oil on board. Black and white Draft cross enjoying the sunshine

19.   " Real McCoy" Acrylic on board. Beloved friend and veterinarian, the late Steve Wagner, D.V.M..

20.  "Handsome Monte" Acrylic on board. Monte the Quarter horse under a California Pepper Tree.

21.  "Majesty"  20 x 16 oil on birchwood panel. M'Bari, the late lion at the San Diego Zoo

22.  ""His Day In The Sun" Acrylic on board. A Mustang foal languishing in the sunshine, his mother nearby.

23.    "Vaquero Jose"  Acrylic on board. Portrait of Jose Torres who traveled across the country with his mule a few years ago. 

24.   "Solitude" Acrylic on board. A solitary Kiger Mustang facing away from the viewer

25. "The Last Hoorah, Mustang Round up" Acrylic on board. Mustangs running free for the last time before they are rounded up by the BLM.

26.   "DiPinto" Acrylic on board. Portrait of an Overo paint stallion.

27.   " A Group Of Mustangs" Acrylic on board. A group of Kiger Mustangs relaxing on a prairie.

28.     "Horse Dancer and Little Big Horse" Acrylic on board. Vincent Spiagglio and his horse in the doorway of an old log cabin. 

29.   "Mesteno" Acrylic on board. Portrait of Mesteno, one of two rare Kiger Mustangs first discovered in a remote area of Oregon.

30.  "The Congregation Sang"  36 x  24  oil on birchwood panel.  This is a glorious group of rocks I saw as I was driving down the Pines to Palms Highway above Palm Springs

31.  "The Optimist"  20 x 16 oil on birchwood. Dexter, a friend of mine's cute dog

32.  "Alessandro"  14 x 12 oil on birchwood panel. Eli Santana playing the lead part of Alessandro  in the Ramona Pageant

33.  "Ramona"  16 x 12 oil on birchwood panel. Kayla Contrera as Ramona in the Ramona Pageant

34.  "Victoria"  14 x 12 oil on birchwood panel. A lovely young woman in her tiara  SOLD

35.   "Facing the Future"  32 x 30  oil on birchwood panel. Blackfoot Native American facing the dawn of a new day. He is dressed to fight, but the  expression on his face is complicated.

36.   "In All Their Regalia"  24 x 18 oil on birchwood panel. Glenn Shelley on his paint mare Diamonde.

37.  "The Greeting Committee" 24  x 33 oil on birchwood panel. Three curious and friendly horses greeting another over the fence

38.  "Unexpected Blessing"  18 x 24 oil on linen. A beautiful unexpected foal from one of Glenn Shelley's bucking horses.

39.  "The Jingle Dancer"  24 x 18 oil on birchwood panel. This is a lovely Blackfoot Native American girl in her Jingle dress in the sunlight with wildflowers

40. "Heading Home" 24 x 18 oil on birchwood. My husband Dave on his horse heading home in the sunlight

"Brady Haigh's Short Ride" Oil on board. Brady Haigh about to be thrown off a bronc named Old Tom.

"Pancho Villa"  Acrylic on canvas. A horse and rider running silhouetted against a sweeping sunset. 

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About Susan

Juried Memberships and Exhibits

Juried Memberships and Exhibits

Juried Memberships and Exhibits

Many of these pieces you see here at on exhibit at RS Hanna Gallery in Frederickburg, Tx. 

For more information, go to

The following are  juried memberships and  exhibits that I am a part of:

Oil Painters Of America

Women Artists Of The West

Academy Of Equine Artists

Cattlemen's Association Western Art 

Western Heritage Art Show 

Western Art Rodeo Association

Outwest Western Art Show and Sale 

NOAPS, Artist Counsel Palm Sptrings, and local groups such as Ribbonwood Art Guild, Art Alliance Of Idyllwild, Riverside County Fair.

My work has appeared in Southwest Art Magazine, Cowboys and Indians, Art of the West, and Western Horseman Magazine.

I have won numerous awards at these shows.

Museum quality prints are available of any of these pieces. Contact me if you are interested in finding out more.



Juried Memberships and Exhibits

Juried Memberships and Exhibits

I was born in Los Angeles and raised in Tustin, Southern California when it was still rural, and full of the intoxicating scent of orange blossoms for a good part of the year.

My art education was more unconventional than most, in that I have had no formal training whatsoever (other than art classes in high school)...instead being raised by two artists who were Art Center graduates and taught me everything I know so far.

When I was a child, my father worked as a commercial artist in a very stressful environment during the week. He would come home understandably moody and tired, and on the weekends would disappear into the garage for hours to seek solitude and solace. The garage was basically an art studio.I never saw a car in it, just the occasional lawn mower.

He had fashioned an entire wall into an easel  and would oil paint there for hours.

(mainly painting sea-scapes).

My siblings would stay out of there, but I was fascinated and would sneak in there and watch him, knowing that he really wanted his privacy, but I couldn't help it

Once he realized that I wasn't going anywhere, (and was keeping very quiet), he would set up a small canvas and thus began my education.

As I grew up watching my parents struggle with commercial art deadlines and headaches, L chose a different path and became a veterinarian. I graduated from Washington State University in 1990, and have been practicing ever since.

In our spare time, my husband and I ride our four horses, two of which are adopted BLM Mustangs, and enjoy our five Macaws, Three dogs and two cats.

I am committed to the cause of reducing pet overpopulation and would like to benefit this cause with the sale of my art whenever possible.


Juried Memberships and Exhibits


Obviously, I like realism..but without passion, it is futile. 

Realism without passion is nothing more than an exercise in rendering.

I try to capture the heart of an animal, person or moment with realism that conveys this energy. The wrestling between light and dark is what makes life interesting, not only in our soul, but visually as well. Color, contrast, subject matter, composition action...all dance together in a highly orchestrated and hopefully delightful way. Triteness is the off key instrument or voice in the room.

There is something about the Old West, Mustangs, other horses, people, and interesting terrain that speaks to me before, during, and after painting them.

My job is to communicate what they are saying onto the canvas. 

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